Catch Your Eye

Seaside saunters are most magnificent for discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary. Rain or dry, warmth or chill, a treasure is sure to be unearthed. So pack your imagination and align dress with clime, you never know what might catch your eye. If there is a heaven for me, I am sure it has the … Continue reading Catch Your Eye

Just A Ghost

Sarah hadn't expected him to stop and ask her how she was doing. Was it the look on her face? Pausing for just a moment, she continued floating. Up, over her head like an apparition. Untethered, no longer within. Not who she used to be. Not here, really. Not anymore. Looking upon the scene below … Continue reading Just A Ghost

Breaking The Chains

He watched silent dust particles float in the confining, stagnant air around him, someone must have forgotten to open the windows in the auditorium this morning. Adolescence oozed from the chairs behind him on the stage and Emanuel wondered briefly if he smelled like that, too. Of course he did, especially at this moment. He … Continue reading Breaking The Chains