Holler, Holler

Today's tossed newspaper slaps the end of the driveway, a robin announces the sun coming up on the horizon. Her neglected tea kettle screams into the morning calm while a tabby at an empty bowl meows for breakfast delayed. Shards of a broken mug scattered about the kitchen floor around an outstretched hand holding a … Continue reading Holler, Holler

Free At Last

"Nights in our desert were clear and cold," Aaron can hear elder Katherine's weathered voice whisper in his ear. They would stand on this humble knoll outside Thermal, CA, looking out over the valley towards the horizon for hours, drawing meager jackets in close to their chests to fend off the bitter wind swirling around … Continue reading Free At Last

Death of A Princess

This year at work I am experiencing the process of accelerated death in a young child, a sibling of one of the children in my program. She is seven. It is heartbreaking. I didn't know this child before her battle with an inoperable brain cancer, only pictures shared and stories told by her family. Pictures … Continue reading Death of A Princess