May I Have This Dance

Annie pulled at strands of her mousy hair like she used to when she was in grade school as she watched Kevin cross the street away from her studio three stories below. Had that really just happened?

Picking up a notebook and eucalyptus bough that had been knocked off the table when their kissing had turned to passionate commotion, Annie looked down to also see her shirt was untucked. She could not remember the last time she had gotten carried away like that. There was something about Kevin, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

Well, not exactly. She had put her finger on Kevin. Her whole hand. Both hands. Those boyish curls in disarray on top of his head, that charming grin, those dimples. She closed her eyes and imagined he was still there, melting into her as they danced around the open room. They never heard the clatter as well-placed decorations bounced off shelves and onto her polished wooden floors. This was madness, she muttered.

Kevin was not supposed to happen. She had an orderly plan for her life and falling in love was not a part of it. He would only turn her world upside down.

Arriving in Denver only six months ago, Annie longed to pursue a more harmonious life. She wanted nothing else than to stay on track, focus on building her brand name and carve a nice career out for herself before she turned forty. That was until she met Kevin in the coffee shop below her studio and they struck up a conversation about when they thought the snow would come. It turned out they both loved skiing and new-to-town Annie was hoping to glean some knowledge on the best runs. If only she had stuck to Google.

Annie was not good at the dance of relationships. Everyone she knew seemed to enjoy the choreographed moves she had always wanted but for her there was never a waltz, only something that resembled a dad trying to embarrass his teenage daughter. No, Kevin would not do. He was a cyclone waiting to happen. Just look at the disruption they caused in her apartment in just the last hour.

Eager to set her studio (and her life) back in order, she glanced around the room to see if there was anything else that had been disturbed. Tucking her shirt back in and taking a brush to her hair, Annie could feel her heart return to its normal steady beat and the flush leave her cheeks. There, that was more like it, she reassured herself.

Sitting back down at her desk to finish the day’s tasks, Annie noticed an envelope on the floor with her name written in Kevin’s handwriting that must have been slid underneath the door. Had he done that quietly when she had closed the door and turned to the window to watch him leave?

Slowly picking the envelope up, she slid her finger under the seal and pulled out a small plastic card that read, Arapahoe Basin Season Pass. Annie sighed and smiled. So much for sitting out this dance.

To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.

Jane Austen

This post was written in response prompts on The Daily Spur, Word of The Day Challenge, and Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

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One thought on “May I Have This Dance

  1. I really enjoyed your story. I could feel her anguish — the conflict between staying on track in her life’s plan and giving in to embrace love and passion. Well done.


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